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Accounting services for the construction industry
Accounting Services to Help Business Owners

Construction Industry

Renda & Renda offers a variety of construction accounting services to help business owners effectively and efficiently manage their companies’ financial health. In construction, preparing for potential challenges is essential. To do so, businesses need to know how industry-specific issues like materials cost and weather, as well as universal concerns like taxes, affect their finances.

  • Payroll processing
  • Payroll taxes
  • Sales taxes
  • Corporate income taxes
  • Personal income taxes
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Consulting

We Understand Construction Challenges

Construction companies and contractors face specific challenges that can make financial decision making difficult. Government regulations, employee relations, supply chain issues, materials cost and even the weather affect companies in the construction industry. These challenges have the ability to impact a company’s financial health, in some cases almost instantaneously.

Planning for Potential Concerns

Partnering with Renda & Renda’s experienced construction accountants, bookkeepers and tax planners for services ranging from payroll taxes to business consulting helps construction companies plan for potential concerns. With year-round accounting support and a proactive outlook on finances, your business will be better prepared for addressing unexpected costs and challenges.

Meeting Your Business’s Financial Goals

Construction accounting includes more than preparing for the worst. Construction companies and contractors are also affected by more general business challenges. Various, ever-changing tax laws, acquisitions and mergers, real estate sales and bookkeeping play a part in your company’s overall financial health. Renda & Renda provides our construction clients with a variety of accounting services to help them succeed.

Accounting services for the construction industry

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