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Accounting services for individuals
Personal Accounting Services

Individual Services

Financial decision making and a variety of taxes affect individuals and families, just as they do small businesses and large corporations. Renda & Renda offers personal accounting services ranging from tax planning to full-service accounting. We help families navigate the ever-changing tax rules and regulations the need to know to stay on top of both their taxes and their financial health.

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Where Should I Get My Taxes Done?

After more than 30 years in Western New York, we have the privilege of helping our clients’ and their children, now married with families of their own, plan for and prepare their taxes. The Renda & Renda team is focused on building long term relationships with our individual clients. With us, you receive personalized attention and clear communication regarding recent tax law updates and important due dates.

Planning for Your Family’s Taxes

For many individuals, preparing taxes once a year can lead to an unpleasant surprise come tax season. Renda & Renda helps families plan for their tax payments. We let clients know when changing tax laws could affect how much they owe. Our team of personal accountants also reminds individuals, especially those paying estimated tax payments, when forms and payments are due.

Hiring a Personal Accountant

Renda & Renda provides our clients with more than tax planning and preparation. We partner with individuals to keep their personal finances healthy throughout the year with bookkeeping services, industry updates and more. We’re always available for questions you have regarding how big decisions, like a retirement withdrawal or withholding change, may affect your finances.

Accounting services for individuals

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